Golden Lake Bistineau Engagements

"Hey Brittney! My name is Savannah Webb and I am recently engaged to my fiancé Mike Skipper. I instantly fell in love with your work on Instagram and have loved following your photography ever since! I knew I wanted to get in touch with you as soon as possible about the possibility of you being a part of our big day!"

These are the kind of inquiries every photographer dreams of! It's an unexplainable feeling...having someone know instantly that they want you to photograph the biggest day of their life because they love your work so much. And to top it off, we mesh so well! We didn't officially meet each other until Saturday when we shot their engagements, and I have to say, we hit it off! It's like we were old friends. This backdrop and this genuine smile and laughs make me so, so excited for their wedding day next October!