I'm baaaackkkkk!

I took a bit of a photography hiatus, or a posting/publishing/advertising hiatus. Not intentionally. I just....well, if I'm being honest, 2022 has not been good to me...mentally. I had pretty severe PPD after the birth of my son, and right at the peck of said depression......boom! miscarriage. I was not okay for quite a while. So, if you've missed me, thank you. And if you didn't notice I was away, well, that's probably my fault too. I have never been good at blogging and posting my couples. But I made a vow to do better. To get my butt in gear and show off the heck out of my clients!

All of that to say, I'm glad to be back in this space. I'm glad to be posting work again. I hope to continue to book amazing wedding clients, and I hope you look forward to the many blog posts to come!

Here's pt. 1 of Natalie and Corey. We took their engagement photos in Downtown Houston on literally the coldest day of the year. You'd never know it by the look of these, but we were FREEZING!